15 days of arrest to a journalist


During the clashes on 9 March in Kyiv the militia detained Dmytro Shurkhal, a special correspondent of the Lviv newspaper ‘Postup’. He was detained while the fulfillment of his professional duties, when he tried to take an interview about the actions of Kyiv militia against the participant of the action ‘For truth!’ It happened at the railway station, when Lviv students were detained. The militia applied violence against the journalist: he was beaten, his documents and dictaphone were confiscated.

On 10 March the Kharkovskiy district court of Kyiv condemned Dmytro Shurkhal to 15 days of arrest ‘for hooliganism’ and ‘bad language used in a public place’.

I wonder, whether the office of the Ukrainian President is a private place or a public one?

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