12.12.2001 | Igor Stoliarov

The public committee ‘For truth!’ expressed its alarm about the freedom of speech in Odessa


The reason for issuing the special appeal of the committee became the fact of persecuting Odessa journalists, who oppose now not only the local authorities, but also the President of Ukraine himself. The appeal reads: ‘Some oppositional journalists are dismissed from their jobs. The jobless journalists cannot find a job: they are refused’.

The law-enforcing organs also exert pressure on the oppositional mass media in Odessa. Ivan Grigorenko, the current head of the oblast Directorate of Interior started a suit against two local newspapers -- ‘Slovo’ and ‘Rabota i otdykh’. The reasons of these suits are that the newspapers dare to write about the misuse of power on the side of militia.

Two popular presenters of the TV feature ‘OKO’ Igor Grinshteyn and Sergey Kovalinskiy were forced to go on leaves by the administration of the city TV company ‘Odessa-plus’, where they work. It was done immediately after the journalists permitted MPs Yuri Karmazin and Viktor Shishkin to take part in the feature ‘OKO’. These MPs appealed citizens of Odessa to take part in the action ‘Ukraine without Kuchma’ and sharply criticized the activities of both President Kuchma and his administration.

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