Declaration of the Vasyl Stus ‘Memorial’


The Vasyl Stus ‘Memorial’ is deeply disturbed by the situation caused by the dismissal of Yushchenko’s government.

‘Memorial’, being a human rights protection organization that supports the principles of democracy and independence, assess the act of disbanding the government of reforms committed by the hostile to Ukraine forces – communo-oligarchs -- as a coup d’etat.

It is well known that communists and nouveau riches never accounted with the interests of the Ukrainian people. Their cynical attitude to the most painful problems of the Ukrainian society – if it concerns the human rights, freedom of Ukrainian press, granting privileges to publications in Ukrainian, obeying the Ukrainian laws about the state language, support of Ukrainian workers –was always based on the principle ‘the worse, the better’.

Yushchenko’s government did not suit communists, because it, during the brief period of their work, proved the vitality of the ideas declared by the rightist parties. It did not suit oligarchs because the implementation of the ideas supported by the government closed them the approach to state resources for obtaining super-high profits.

What bolsheviks dreamed about has come true. The link was established between anti-Ukrainian communist idea and the money robbed from the Ukrainian people. Communists, who during seventy years tormented Ukraine with famines and repressions, and oligarchs, their brothers in spirit, who during ten years of independent managed to rob all the riches of the Ukrainian people, now struggle for power in order to master uncontrollably our Ukrainian house.

The last event in the Parliament on 26 April 2001 is already called by the people as ‘the spiritual Chernobyl’. The union of communists and oligarchs is not only robbing of people’s riches, not only termination of the reforms and fall of the living standard – it endangers the very existence of the independent Ukraine.

It is not a secret that Russia played an important role in the fall of the government. Yushchenko’s government, which was the guarantor of democracy and entering the community of civilized European countries by Ukraine, did not agree with the interests of our northern neighbor, which tries to gather its former territories. Now Ukraine may become one of the group: communist Belarus, red Moldova, Putin’s Russia…

The Vasyl Stus ‘Memorial’, which assists citizens, who suffered from the communist terror, the organization that unites more than 30 thousand of members representing many various parties and public organizations, appeals to all Ukrainians to realize the threat that this new ‘spiritual Chernobyl’ may bring and make the only correct step: to unite efforts in order to resist the red and oligarchic plague, side by side with rightist parties and public organizations. It must be done in memory of the murdered and tortured in communist concentration camps, in memory of our countrymen starved to death in organized famines, in memory of many generations of fighters for free Ukraine, and for the sake of coming generations.

Les Taniuk,
Head of the Vasyl Stus ‘Memorial’

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