‘Will you walk into my parlor?’, said a spider to a fly


Strange things happen in Kharkov. Almost every Kharkovite knows about People’s Democratic party (PDP). Almost every manager of a state-owned enterprise entered this party. Now the oblast party organization is headed by vice-governor Vladimir Shumilkin, a former army officer, a candidate of technology, and from 1990 – the head of the Dzerzinski district rada of people’s deputies, in which dominate democratic forces.

But recently something wrong happened in the party: maybe the number of party members decreased, maybe the party bosses decided to prepare for the coming election beforehand and decided that they had to get some subordinates, who will vote for the needed candidates and bring documents that they voted before the term. These tricks were well tested by the authorities during the previous referendum… But that can be insufficient.

Our group has learned that in many budget organizations, first of all, in medical and educational organizations, that is in the places, where the personnel most of all depends ion the administration, the bosses ‘invite’ their subordinates to join the PDP.

Some dare to refuse, but they are few because the majority has stronger troubles than ideological principles: they fear to get sacked… All, even the bravest, those who refused to join the party, are afraid to male public the information about the PDP campaign.

The ways to convince the obstinate depend on a boss’ temper. ‘Some do the thing without a tear, and some without a sigh’, as Oscar Wilde said.

As a result, the elementary organizations of the needed size have been created. Nobody is interested in the quality…

Certainly, all such actions brutally violate civil and political rights of citizens.

It seems that the authorities, like in the Soviet times, more and more neglect laws. The attention of the public must be focused on this aspect and not on the inter-party and inter-clan clashes. The power must act exclusively in the framework of laws.

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