A lawyer killed in Kyiv


Advocate Sergey Nechitaylo, one of the most active members of the all-Ukrainian public organization ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’ (‘Public control’), a high-skilled professional, was murdered in Kyiv.

In whose flesh was he a thorn? Obviously, he was hated by those who could not compete with him professionally. A criminal case was started considering the murder. The investigation must find those who ordered the murder and who executed the order.

The public organization ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’ made public that recently the advocate was occupied with the case of inhabitants of a 124-flat house situated in 6 Novodarnitska St. Owing to the efforts of ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’ and high professionalism of Sergey Nechitaylo, the case began to look unfavorable for the pharmaceutical firm ‘Darnitsa’. The illegality of the piratical seizing by the firm of the house, which was built with the financial participation of future inhabitants, became obvious and soon had to come to the court.

Now, the completion of this case is not only the duty of our organization, but also our tribute to the blessed memory of the late Sergey Nechitaylo.

The all-Ukrainian public organization ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’ would like to attract the attention of the press and public in general that when ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’ began to demand some concrete results in the struggle with corruption, the activists of the organization began to be threatened. Ivan Bezsmertny, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper ‘Tretiy sektor’, the head of the Bureau of journalist investigations in ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’, after making public the details of the murder, which was organized and partially executed by Ivan Andrushko, a deputy of the Vinnitsa oblast rada, is permanently threatened by the accomplices of the deputy.

Volodymir Lichen, the head of the Bila Tserkva district organization of ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’, was beaten several times.

The directorate of the all-Ukrainian public organization ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’ declares: our organization cannot be broken, whatever heavy persecutions it will have to survive. We shall be as active as before in establishing the civil society in Ukraine.

Press service of ‘Gromadskiy kontrol’

PL commentary. Strange as it is, but Nechitaylo’s murder did not raise public interest. The advocate was found by his neighbors in the doorway of his house brutally beaten. He could be identified only by his clothes. He died in a hospital.

No mass media informed about this tragic event, although it is obvious that the death is due to the victim’s professional activities, most probably with his last case.

Sergey Nechitaylo was born in 1057. He graduated from the faculty of international relations and international right of Kyiv University named after Taras Shevchenko. During five years he worked as an investigator in a prosecutor’s office, in 1990-92 – in the juridical department of Rukh. He was one of the defenders of Stepan Khmara in 1990.

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