12.12.2001 | Aleksey Svetikov,‘Luganskinform – KVU’

People’s attitude to the agrarian reform


In April the All-Ukrainian public organizations ‘The committee of voters of Ukraine’ (CVU) held a poll of the rustic folk on their attitude to the agrarian reform and to the processes that develop in the rural areas. The poll was held in 3 – 4 districts of each oblast, the number of the pollees was 600-800 in each oblast, not more than 15-30 dwellers from one village. The pollees filled, with their own hand, the questionnaire that contained 15 questions with the proposed versions of the answers.

In the Lugansk oblast the poll was held in 40 villages of four districts: Svatovskiy, Kremenetskiy, Novoaydarskiy and Popasnianskiy. The program in the oblast was managed by Mykola Kotliar, the head of the town organization of the CVU, a teacher of political sciences at Severodonetsk technology institute.

Pensioners made 32% of the pollees, 20 % -- agricultural workers, 20% -- jobless, 7% -- farmers.

More than 17% of the pollees had not get any documents confirming their right of property for land, but the majority already had the certificates.

More than one quarter (27%) of the rural population do not wish to own land, and one can consider that the same proportion of people do not approve of the reform. Among those, who had not got the land yet, one quarter complains that they have no money for paperwork needed to get the documents, 22% complain at the absence of the knowledge about the reform.

The opinion about how the land was distributed is rather similar: two thirds of the respondents consider that this was done by heads of agrarian enterprises, 22% have no definite opinion. Three quarters of the pollees are satisfied how their plots are situated, maybe because they do not process the land themselves, but lease it. The great majority made contracts for short-time (1-3 years) and middle-time (3-7 years) leases, the ratio of the pay in cash to the pay in production, in the opinion of the pollees, is 5:2, the size if the pay for leasing is, as a rule, 1-2% of the land cost.

The attitude of the rustic folk to the right to sell land is significant. About 32 % of the respondents consider it possible, 28% -- principally impossible, 20% consider that it is impossible under the current conditions. At the same time only 13% consider that the rural population got any profit from the reform, 41% thinks that mostly chiefs of agrarian enterprises got the profit, 10% consider that businessmen have profited, 33% -- that it was the state.

People get the information about the agrarian reform mainly from newspaper (28%), from TV (30%) and from their acquaintances (31%).

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