Lugansk court again prohibited the public action


Responding to the request of the Lugansk town executive committee the Leninskiy district court of Lugansk prohibited conducting the hunger-strike and erecting tents in front of the town council building organized by the public committee for protecting local self-rule. This decision was based on the supposition of the executive committee that such action may lead to public disorder. The decision was also based on the still operating decision of the executive committee that all protest actions must be held at a large distance from the organs, against which the action is directed, for example, in the stadium ‘Avangard’. Three of the participants obeyed the court decision and stopped the hunger-strike. But they warned that on 14 May they would resume the action on the same place, near the executive committee building. Besides they handed a cassation to the oblast court.

The Lugansk branch of the all-Ukrainian voters’ committee points out that Lugansk courts systematically take decisions restricting the citizens’ right for the freedom of gatherings. We are sure that having such justice Ukraine violates Article 11 of the Convention on protecting human rights and basic freedoms, and that the Council of Europe must take into account these facts while assessing the execution of the obligations by Ukraine.

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