12.12.2001 | A. Svetikov, ‘Luganskiform-KVU

Did the judge change his decision?


On 18 June the Leninskiy district court of Lugansk suspended the decision of the town council about termination of mayor Yagoferov’s powers. Yet, practically at once the decision was recalled.

Citizens Valentin Tkalich (the head of the UNR oblast organization) and Aleksandr Smetankin (a member of the executive committee) handed the complaint about the illegality of the decision of the 24 thsession of the town council that terminated the mayor’s power. They consider that this decision abused their voter’s rights. The newspaper ‘Zhizn Luganska’ (’Lugansk Life’) received the letter sent to the Lugansk town council by O. Matveyshin, a judge of the Leninskiy district court. The suggested to return to court the act about the suspension of the town council decision without execution.

By the way the letter is dated by 18 June 2001, the same day when the court decision was taken.

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