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12.12.2001 | Volodymir Stepaniuk, Poltava

Who are best protectors?


The Association of public organizations of the Poltava oblast for the first time conducted the comparative evaluation and determined the popularity rating among representatives of mass media and public organizations that deal with the protection of citizens’ interests and rights. The organizations for evaluation are: groups or individuals protecting women, children, veterans, the handicapped, the unemployed, etc. It is natural to determine the winners of our competition not in high offices, but in a democratic way, as it is done throughout the world.

We distributed our questionnaires among various political parties, NGOs and mass media, that is among the active and competent people. The respondents were asked to compile a list of ten journalist and public figures, who, in their opinion, were the most active in 2000.

The results of the poll were processed by the method, which completely excluded subjectivism. Since every respondent ordered ten pretenders, and each place determined some number of points, so the rating of any pretender was obtained by mere summing.

All in all 26 journalists and representatives of public organizations were mentioned. The ten people, who got the largest number of points, are as follows in the decreasing order of the obtained points:

1. Ludmila Kucherenko — the president of Poltava media club.

2. Zoya Kovalenko — the deputy head of the Center for human rights protection at the Union of army veterans in the Poltava oblast.

3. Tamara Prosianik — the editor-in-chief of the Kremenchug newspaper ‘Informatsionny bulleten’.

4. Anatoliy Banny — the editor of the newspaper ‘Pryvatna sprava’.

5. Lubov kaluzhna – the rector of people’s university at the culture and enlightenment society of invalids ‘Irina’.

6. Ganna Kiyashchenko — the head of the Poltava branch of the Ukrainian Social service.

7. Oleksiy Gavrikov — the head of the oblast committee ‘Pravozakhyst’.

8. Mykola Kulchinskiy – the head of the oblast organization ‘Prosvita’.

9. Grigoriy Bordiug – a deputy of Poltava town council.

10. Evgen Muller – the head of the Poltava branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine.

Although the poll was conducted in Poltava only, the respondents also mentioned such names: journalists Viktor Kozoriz from Mirgorod, Yaroslav Prots from Shishaki, Olga Olenich from Kremenchug and human rights protection activist Volodymir Velichko from Lubny. This testified that their noble activities are known far outside their towns and districts. It surprised the organizers that nobody mentioned such well-known figures as Lidiya Safronova, the head of ‘Rodynny dom’ and Viktoriya Kurilko, the head of the Poltava Women’s Union ‘Churayivna’. The latter, by the way, was noted in the nomination ‘public figure’ in March at the joint celebration organized by the Agrarian party and the party ‘Solidarity of women of Ukraine’.

The Association of public organizations of the Poltava oblast intends to conduct such a poll every year.

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