13.12.2001 | Inna Sukhorukova, Kharkov

Some remarks concerning medical reform


Earlier we made some remarks concerning the package of legal documents on the insurance medicine. Unfortunately the Supreme Rada postponed considering these documents again.

In what follows we make public the generalization of responses to our questionnaire distributed among ’Prava ludyny’ readers. The answers were sent to us only by 10.4% of our readers, who obtained the questionnaire (73 out of 700).

It should be noted that the number of responses would be even smaller, if we were not assisted by Mr. Torosh from Rivne and Mr. Stepanenko from Chortkiv. They distributed the questionnaires among medical workers, with whom they were acquainted. The editorial board of ’Prava ludyny’ is thankful to Mr. Torosh and Mr. Stepanenko.

In what follows we publish the results of the poll about the system of medical aid and the present state of our so-called ’health protection’.

60% of the pollees supported the mixed system of financing this important branch, i. e. they support the existence of the medical insurance and even system of payments taken from rich patients, but they insist on the free medical aid for children and pensioners.

20 % approve the pure insurance medicine.

13,7 % approve the free medicine.

5,5 % approve the chargeable medicine.

The majority of our pollees regard the existing system of health protection as one contradicting the right for life. 98% of them consider that our medicine violates Article 2 of the European Convention on human rights. Almost all pollees accuse our state and medics of irresponsible attitude to the life and health of people.

The poll showed: all understand quite well that our medicine is neglected. Not only common Ukrainian citizens, but even human rights protectors have not enough information about the insurance medicine, which is widely spread in the world. This ignorance prevents our society to understand how to construct the system of the insurance medicine. If to account for a low level of trust to any official organs, then we shall see that to reform the system of health protection will be very difficult, since all changes will be regarded by the population with suspicion. That is why in order to introduce any reforms the authorities must have the will and wish and knowledge of what must be done. Lately we have learned that an experiment commenced in Kyiv and the Kyiv oblast of introducing the insurance medicine. The local authorities decided not to wait until the legislators will present us with the fruits of their meditations.

We appeal to the readers of ’Prava ludyny’, first or all professionals (physicians, lawyers and economists), to send us their ideas and propositions about the Law ’On insurance medicine’. That will enable us to debate the question in more solidly. The most interesting propositions will be sent to the appropriate commissions of the Supreme Rada and published on our site.

We are looking forward for your letters, dear readers!

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