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’Ukrainska Pravda’, 13 July 2001

Ukraine trades in people.


Ukraine got into the list of 47 countries that, according to the definition of the US State Department, do not satisfy the minimal standards prohibiting trading in people as the American law demands.

The list contains countries of ’second category’. Ukraine shares this list with France, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czechia, Hungary, Georgia and China.

The report of the State Department was prepared in response to the law draft adopted in October. This draft appeals to apply economic sanctions against the countries, which do not fight with slave trade and do not protect the victims of the trade, Associated Press informs.

23 more countries make another list of those, which do not apply energetic efforts against slave trade.

Some democratic countries close to the USA, such as Israel, Greece, Turkey and the South Korea, are included in the list.

According to the US State Department, each year about 700 thousand people are sold abroad for the work in brothels and construction sites.

The US State Department prepared this report for the first time by request from the US Congress. From now on such reports will become annual. If there will be no noticeable progress in this respect in the previously mentioned countries, then since 2003 economic sanctions will be applied to them.

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