Amnesty International intends to demand independent investigation of Gongadze’s case


Amnesty International has not obtained yet from the Ukrainian government the exact information about the disappearance and death of journalist Georgiy Gongadze. That is why Amnesty International intends to demand independent investigation of this case. Gerd Domer, the expert of Amnesty International told, without giving details, that on 16 September 2001 (a year after Gongadze’s disappearance) they plan to conduct a number of actions. He also told that Amnesty International tries to learn about the journalist’s lot from other sources.

On 29 August the entire world marked the day of the missed. Amnesty International distributed an appeal directed to all world governments and containing the request to clear up all such cases with the assistance of independent investigating commissions and to punishment the guilty.

The total number of the disappeared people equals 46 thousand in 30 countries. In Europe the leaders are the Balkan countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkey.

Ukrainian service of the radio station ‘Deutche welle’

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