13.12.2001 | Igor Stoliarov

Ukrainian language press needs protection...


At least in the Nikolayev oblast. Yuri Didenko, the editor of ‘Ukrainskiy Pivden’, maybe, the only oppositional newspaper in the oblast, is firmly convinced in the truth of this statement.

During the 10 thyear of the independent existence of Ukraine the lot of the Ukrainian language press is, unfortunately, critical, said Didenko. Especially critical it is in the East and South of Ukraine.

The newspaper ‘Ukrainskiy Pivden’ is very unpopular among the owners of no stalls. The competition on the side of Russian newspapers is invincible. The inhabitants of Nikolayev can buy only 3 Ukrainian language newspapers and about 500 Russian language ones.

Ukrainian language press obviously needs support from the state. There is no alternative way to preserve the Ukrainian language press in Ukraine.

‘Ukrainskiy Pivden’ also has considerable problems with the distribution in Odessa. This newspaper began to be distributed in Odessa a month ago. Being oppositional, the newspaper published some materials on the situation in Odessa. The local authorities did not encourage it. As a result, one of the last issues of the newspaper was nearly forbidden for sale in Odessa. The pretext was that we sent the insufficient number of copies to Odessa compared to the order, explained Didenko. We had to send our representative to settle the problem.

Youri Didenko is sure that the real reason of the conflict was the article about the activities of Sergey Popov, an investigating officer of Odessa city prosecutor’s office, who ‘is rather notorious with his illegal and unpunished activities not only in Odessa, but in the entire Ukraine’.

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