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On 3 April 2001 in the framework of the joint project of Kharkov institute of applied humanitarian studies and ABA/CEELI (USAID grant) the expert center on human rights began its work as a non-profit consulting and research establishment.

The main tasks of the center are:

creating efficient and available for various layers of the population, in particular, for practicing lawyers, procedures of consulting on using national and international laws for human rights protection (including on-line consulting);

analytical generalization of particular cases from court and administrative practice of human rights protection and distributing the information among lawyers and laymen;

monitoring of the national legislation and law drafts as to their concordance with the international norms on human rights;

uniting of professional efforts of lawyers for the development of democratic standards in the legislative sphere, ensuring the superiority of the right in Ukraine.

The center is actively cooperating with international organizations (the Council of Europe, the Directorate of the UNO Supreme Commissar in charge of refugees and others), NGOs, have the opportunity to attract foreign experts and consultants.

The center guarantees the full conductance of claims, from administrative and judicial organs of Ukraine up to European court of human rights.

The center is headed by professor, doctor of law M. Buromenskiy.

The consultants of the center are top professionals in different branches of law, theorists and experienced practicing advocates.

The center may be contacted in the following ways:

Reception of customers:
Monday-Friday, from 14:00 to 18:00;

address: Kharkov, 18 Gudanova St. (subway station ‘Pushkinska’), the building of the Institute of fireproof materials, room 245.

(0572) 140 367.

[email protected]

Internet site:

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