To the attention of public organizations of Ukraine!


Ukrainian education program of market reforms and Winrock International have a pleasure to announce the publication of the new unique manual ‘Public relations for civil (non-government) organizations. Pieces of advice for every day’.

The manual of 80 pages was compiled by Andrey Kulish, the head of the press department of the Ukrainian education program of market reforms (UEPMR). All the advice and recommendations given in the book are fruits of practical experience of the author and the UEPMR personnel.

The book covers practical aspects of the work of public organizations in the sphere of PR, contains many examples, samples and illustrative materials. The main topics elucidated in the manual are:

Which are the methods for public organizations to influence the specific audience?

Planning PR activities of an organization. Practical aspects.

Informational peculiarities of a PR campaign.

Cooperation with mass media.

Practical advice concerning some media techniques.


Tools for lobbying, some approaches and methods.

Special techniques and measures.

How to convince people?

If you want to purchase the book ‘Public relations for civil (non-government) organizations. Pieces of advice for every day’ send please the following information by e-mail address [email protected] or fax (044) 4906989 (with the note ‘For Andriy Gorbal’):

Name of organization

Head of organization/press secretary

Postal address (+other contact information)

Direction of the NGO activities (1-2 sentences or several keywords)

The UEPMR will pay all the expenditures for distributing the manual.

ATTENTION! The run of the book is small, that is why we address the organizations, which really work in the third sector and have the real need in the manual.

Respectfully yours,

Andriy Gorbal

Ukrainian education program of market reforms

phone (044) 490 6988

fax (044) 490 6989

e-mail:[email protected]

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