Public-political journal ‘SOCIAL POLITICS AND SOCIAL WORK’ invites to send contributions. The format of the contributions is specified.


The editorial board of the Ukrainian scientific and public-political journal ‘SOCIAL POLITICS AND SOCIAL WORK’ invites you to send materials (articles, investigation results, information about news and new publications) concerning social work, social politics and related topics for printing them in our journal.

Please, take into consideration that, by VAK Presidium order No. 3-05/11 of 10 December 1999, our journal is included into the list of scientific editions, the publications in which are counted for defending theses for doctor’s and candidate’s degree in social sciences.

The format of the articles must satisfy the following conditions:

-- language: Ukrainian or English, size up to 15 sheets of A4, font ‘Times New Roman’, size 12, space 1.5.

-- the article must be appended with a summary in Ukrainian and, if possible, English, size up to 200 words.

-- articles are accepted in hard or electronic (file of ‘rtf’ or ‘doc’ format) copies

-- the article must be appended with the information about the author(s) – name, patronymic (or middle name), surname, scientific degree, place of employment, position, scientific interests, home and office addresses, contact phone (home or office), fax, e-mail address.

-- articles in hard or electronic copies may be sent to the address: 04070, Ee?a, aoe. Neiai?iae 2, IaOEIA, ON? (with the note ‘aey ?o?iaeo’); fax (044) 238-25-69; e-mail [email protected] or brought personally to the address i.Ee?a, aoe. Aieinuea, 8/5, IaOEIA, 4 ei?ion, Oeiea nioiaeuii? ?iaioe.

The conditions of our work are the following:

articles are printed gratis.

articles are accepted, if they are not sent to other editions.

the reference to our journal is demanded if articles or parts thereof are reproduced in any from.

the responsibility for veracity of the facts published lies on the authors.

the editorial board has the right to edit the articles.

materials are not reviewed and not returned.

Our journal is regularly issued since 1997. One get to know the previous issued in the libraries of Kyiv and other oblast centers, as well as in the libraries of higher schools, where social work, sociology, social pedagogics and psychology are taught.

The journal is also distributed to oblast departments of social protection of population, to oblast directorates of internal affairs, oblast health protection directorates, the Supreme Rada committees and ministries, research institutes and public organizations, whose activities are connected with corresponding affairs.

The journal can be purchased in the School of social work (i. Ee?a, aoe. Aieinuea, 8/5, 4 ei?ion, eii. 206) or by mail with the payment of postal expenses (additional information may be obtained by e-mail [email protected]).

Any related questions may be asked by phone: (044) 238-25-69.

Oksana Vinnichuk, the head of the information and service Center for specialist in social sphere

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