13.12.2001 | Ludmila Kucherenko, Poltava

A useful meeting


In the beginning of this week representatives of the public organization ‘Khartia-4’ (such well-known journalists as Mykola Veresen, Yulia Mostova, Taras Kuzmiv had been among founders of this organization) gathered at the invitation of the Poltava media-club and held a number of actions directed at the support of the Poltava mass media.

The situation with the freedom of speech in the Poltava oblast is critical: according to the results of an independent investigation, the oblast occupies the third from the bottom in Ukraine.

Kyivan journalists met with activists of the media-club, from whom they learned about numerous persecutions of independent mass media and journalists. On Thursday more than 60 representatives of the Poltava oblast mass media, who participated in the seminar, had an opportunity to communicate with Viktor Krivenko, a judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and with Vasyl Ivanina, the head of the secretariat of the parliamentary committee of the freedom of speech and information. They also met with popular showman of the TV channel ‘1+1’ Mykola Veresen, Tetiana Kotiuzhinska, an advocate from Dnepropetrovsk, Valeriy Vorotnikov, the publisher of the Cherkassy newspaper ‘Antenna’, representative of the OSCE Gizo Grdzelidze and Oksana Volosheniuk, the manager of programs for mass media of the international fund ‘Vidrodjennia’. The information obtained at the seminar and the advice of professionals will certainly help Poltava journalists to protection their rights.

As to unpleasant aspects of the visit of ‘Khartia-4’ to Poltava was, as Mykola Veresen remarked, that, in contrast to the Crimea, Lugansk and Cherkassy, where the top authorities of met with the representatives of the journalists’ human rights protection organization, Poltava governor E. Tomin and Poltava mayor A. Kukoba did not condescend to the communication. This fact illustrates quite vividly the attitude of Poltava top authorities to the problems of mass media in the Poltava oblast.

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