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The reason of the social strain in Ukraine is the imperfection of power organizations


That was the main thesis of the international scientific seminar, which was held this weekend in Lviv. ‘The final goal of the administrative reform is approaching of the executive power towards needs of the society and any separate individual’, told MP Igor Koliushko, one of the organizers of the seminar. In his opinion, up to now the reforms of the system of power concerned only structural and functional improvement of the administration. Otto Luchtergandt, a professor of Hamburg university, presented a comparative analysis of the administrative systems in Ukraine, Germany, Austria and France. Summing up his report, he stressed the urgent need of decentralization of power in Ukraine. In his interview to ‘Deuthche Welle’ Dr. Luchtergandt did not exclude the prospect of turning Ukraine into a federative state. In his opinion, to begin with, the two-chamber parliament should be created. ‘Various advantages and peculiarities of a region could be made operative through its representation in the upper chamber of parliament’, Dr. Luchtergandt remarked. But the first step, he thinks, would be granting the right to each oblast of Ukraine elect its governor.

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