No free press in Bukovina


Four leading newspapers of Bukovina, namely ’Molody Bukovinets’, ’Chas’, ’Doba’ and ’Chernivtsi’, whose total run is almost 100 thousand copies, published the documents, which testify that the Chernivtsi oblast state administration carry out coercive actions to force people to subscribe to the newspapers controlled by the power. They are the newspapers ’Bukovina’ and ’Chas-2000’. This was confirmed with a xerocopy of the official appeal of Mykhaylo Voznoy, the head of the communal directorate of the oblast administration, t6o the director of the communal department of the Chernivtsi town executive committee. In particular, the document proposes to organize at the state-owned enterprises of Chernivtsi the subscription to the newspaper ’Bukovina’ in 640 copies and to the newspaper ’Chas-2000’ in 511 copies ’in the framework of the fulfillment of the order of Frans Fedorovich, the deputy head of the oblast state administration, concerning the subscription to local printed mass media’.

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