13.12.2001 | Igor Stoliarov, Odessa

Journalists are beaten again


Yuri Mativos, a correspondent of the well-known Kirovograd newspaper ’Vecherniaya Gazeta’, a member of the headquarters of Yulia Timoshenko’s block, was attacked in Kirovograd.

Strangers attacked the journalist in several meters from his house and hit him on the head with a heavy object. Then they continued to kick him, although he was unconsciousness. Fortunately, a car drew in to the yard, where the journalist was beaten.

Now the journalist is staying in a hospital. Militia fidgets in order to represent the case as a hooligan attack with the aim of robbery. An acquaintance of the victim was interrogated and asked whether he drank vodka with the journalist during their last meeting in the day of the crime. The oblast organization of the party ’Batkivshchina’ distributed its statement, where the beating of the well-known opposition journalist with his political and professional activities. The party organization demanded from militia to investigate objectively the circumstances of this crime.

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