13.12.2001 | Igor Stoliarov, Odessa

The newspaper ’Ridne Pribuzhzhia’ prohibited in Nikolayev


The sooner the election, the bloodier is the fight of power against mass media. Today the Ukrainian-language Nikolayev newspaper ’Ridne Pribuzhzhia’ was not issued. The reason is the publication in the newspaper of the open letter of the labor collective of the scientific and productive enterprise ’Mashproekt’.

The conflict between the authorities and the collective of ’Mashproekt’ is well known in the town and nothing can influence the situation. The oblast administration systematically tries to blend ’Mashproekt’ with another productive enterprise ’Zoria’. This can become a mortal blow for ’Mashproekt’, which has a good reputation as a producer of gas turbines.

In order to elucidate the situation and to familiarize the population with the opinion of the labor collective of ’Mashproekt’ about the conflict, the collective sent the open letter to ’Ridne Pribuzhzhia’ and paid for its publication. Yet, the newspaper was not issued. Several days before the prohibition representatives of the oblast administration turned to Galina Parfiryeva, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper. They demanded not to publish the open letter. The editor did not obey. And here is the result…

The recent events were commented in the election headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko’s block ’Nasha Ukraina’ (’Our Ukraine’). According to Yuri Didenko, the head of the regional organization of the People’s Rukh of Ukraine, ’the power prohibited publishing the newspaper because they are afraid of alternative points of view. Something like that is occurring around the discussion of broadening Tashlitskaya GAES.

As it is known, the labor collective of the enterprise ’Mashproekt’ rejects pointblank the proposition of privatization and selling it for a song’.

As we learned, the head of the Nikolayev oblast administration visited today ’Mashproekt’ with the purpose of putting press on the collective and realizing to 15 December the plans connected with the privatization of the enterprise.

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