13.12.2001 | Igor Stoliarov, Odessa.

An Internet newspaper is pressed in Odessa.


It is not a secret that in Odessa there remained no real independent newspapers. Their absence is felt especially acutely now, before the election to radas of all levels. It seems that today some people in Odessa dislike free thought, even in the virtual space. I am speaking about the pressure upon the Internet newspaper ’Odesskaya obshchaya gazeta’ (’Odessa general-purpose newspaper’).

Now the Russian-language newspaper ’Odesskaya obshchaya gazeta’ is blocked by one of the Odessa Internet providers. The publisher of the newspaper was informed that the provider received the letter from a physical person, who intends to complain to courts against the materials distributed in the Internet. Who was the author of the letter and which materials caused such indignation is unknown. Yet, the independent newspaper ’Yug’ drew the conclusion that this is the first testimony that the local power wants ’to establish order’ in the virtual space. This conclusion is not ungrounded.

’Odesskaya obshchaya gazeta’ rather critically characterizes the activities of some regional top authorities, including the city mayor. Besides, opposition journalists more then once published their materials on the site of the newspaper. In particular, they criticized and analyzed the events of 1997-98 in Odessa, loud crimes and kidnappings. Maybe, in a week or so it will become known who namely ’ordered’ to block the newspaper. If it happens, the founder of the newspaper intends to hold the press conference. That will be especially interesting at the eve of the visit to the city of the group of well-known Ukrainian journalists for holding the conference on the observance of the freedom of speech in Ukraine and, in particular, in Odessa.

For the time being, until the problems are solved, ’Odesskaya obshchaya gazeta’ moved to Russian virtual space.

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