A special center was opened in Lviv.


A special center was opened in Lviv. This center will help to the handicapped during the election campaign. The project was organized by the regional department of the fund ’Rehabilitation of the handicapped’ and the Alliance of the Partnership ’Counterpart’.

The handicapped in Ukraine refuse from voting rather frequently. According to Yaroslav Gribalskiy, the chairman of the directorate of the Lviv department of the fund ’Rehabilitation of the handicapped’, the state did not provide the handicapped with the needed tools for voting. For example, the blind cannot vote without help, since they need bulletins written in the Braille system. There are no convenient drives for people, who move in wheelchairs.

’The voting center of the legal competence of the handicapped’ is the organization, whose duty is to change such a state of affairs. As the Ukrainian service of ’Deutsche Welle’ informed, the work in the center would be fulfilled by volunteers, who want to help the handicapped to taking an active part in voting process. The brochure ’Your vote’ will be handed in the framework of the project. The brochure will contain the information for the handicapped about their voters’ rights and the opportunities to realize the rights.

The project also envisages the creation of a special analytical group, which will deal with urgent problems of the handicapped appearing in the process of election.


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