Two thirds of Ukrainian are skeptical as to the results of the election-2002.


The assessment formulated in the heading was given by Olga Balakireva, the manager of the Center ’Social monitoring’. According to the Law on election, the official election campaign must start only on 1 January 2001. In spite of this, the election campaign had really started as early as in spring and became more active in autumn. 29% of voters answered that they, maybe, will take part in the election, 48% of respondents are sure that they will participate in the election, 14% (every seventh) declared that they were not going to vote and 7% hesitate. 63% of respondents agreed with the statement that ’the election is intended to create the illusion of democracy in Ukraine, whereas it does not exist’, 20% consider the election to be ’a demonstration of the democratic character of the Ukrainian political system’. The sociologist also remarked that the analysis of the social position of the respondents showed: such statistics is typical not of some concrete layer of the population, of supporters of some definite political party or of inhabitants of a certain region, but it is the opinion of the society on the average.

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