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Ukrainian intellectuals demand to try the participants of the events of 9 March by jury.


Representatives of the Ukrainian intelligentsia demand ’maximum objectivity’ of the court trying the participants of the events of 9 March in Kyiv. They also demand to call, as a precedent, a jury to this end. This is said in the appeal passed to the agency ’Interfax-Ukraine’. The appeal is addressed to President Leonid Kuchma, speaker Ivan Pliushch, head of the Supreme Court Vitaliy Boyko, and Yuri Karmazin, the head of the parliamentary committee in charge of legal provision of law-enforcing activities and the struggle against organized crime and corruption.

The documents points out that the case ’promises to become… the most important trial for all the years of the independence of Ukraine’. ’The Ukrainian public must obtain unambiguous answers to a number of questions that concern the reasons of the collision of the demonstrators with law-enforcer on that day in Kyiv’, -- the documents stresses. The appeal reads that the demands of the accused in this case, viz. ’to be judged by a jury, is well-motivated and legal’. The institution of a jury is envisaged by Article 129 of the Constitution, whose norms have the direct effect. The program of the court reform in Ukraine also envisages jury. ’The fact that this article of the Constitution is still not legally regulated, must not constrain the rights of Ukrainian citizens for justice’, the authors of the appeal remark. They ask the addressees of the appeal ’using their right of legislative initiative to agree the current legislation with the Constitution in the shortest time possible and to set the precedent of using jury in the trial’.

The appeal points out that its authors – representatives of public organizations and political parties, representatives of science and creative intelligentsia – ’are worried with inadmissible slow rate of carrying out the court reform in Ukraine, which threatens the protection of constitutional rights of citizens and advancing the state into the European community’.

As is known, 19 members of the UNA-UNSO are accused of organization of and active participation in mass disturbances in Kyiv on 9 March, which resulted in essential consequences (several scores of people suffered as a result of the clashes). The trial of the 19 activists has been started in Kyiv.

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