Sergey Golovaty against Leonid Kuchma.


MP Sergey Golovaty, the former minister of justice, asserts that President Kuchma blocks the creation of the international commission on Gongadze’s case.

In his interview to the UP S. Golovaty told that the international commission on Gongadze’s case can work ’without any juridical norms’.

’The only thing which is needed is the consent of Kuchma and nothing more, since the General Prosecutor fully obeys Kuchma,’ Golovaty said. ’What is preached by Stanik (representative of Ukraine in the Council of Europe) and Chaliy (former representative of Ukraine), who tell that some juridical basis is absent, is rancid nonsense’, the MP added.

’All which is needed is available except the main – Kuchma’s consent. He is just afraid that the international commission will prove his connection with the death of the journalist’. In Golovaty’s opinion it is not essential whether the President is linked with the murder directly or obliquely. ’It does not matter, of he killed the man, or Kravchenko, or Kravchenko’s henchmen. In any case it will be obvious that he is an accomplice’.

Golovaty also said that ’the creation of the international commission is not a question for the PACE session’. ’the PACE adopted the resolution-recommendation on creating the commission and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe now is looking for a way to do this. Because the Ukrainian power deceives the Cabinet of Ministers saying that there no legal grounds for activities of the commission in Ukraine’, he MP remarked.

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