More than one million jobless in Ukraine.


The unemployment level in Ukraine by 1 January 2002 has been 3.7% of the work-capable population. State statistics committee informs that by the beginning of January more than 1.008 million of jobless have been registered in the country, among them almost 656 thousand are women. The number of jobless diminished by 12.7% since the beginning of 2001.

By 1 January 2001 the unemployment level in Ukraine has been 4.2%, by 1 December 2001 – 3.6%, ’Interfax-Ukraine’ informs. 11 persons pretended for one vacancy in the beginning of the year. At the same time the demand for labor in the beginning of the current year was 96.9 thousand people, it is 42% more than in January 2001.

Last December the average aid to jobless equaled 85.23 UAH. The highest unemployment level was registered in the Rivny (7% by 1 January 2002), Ternopil (6.5%) and Volyn oblasts (6%). The lowest level was in Kyiv (0.6 %), Sevastopol (0.9%), the Odessa oblast (1.4%) and in the Crimea (2.3%).

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