Lugansk journalists stopped the hunger strike.


The personnel of the Lugansk TV company ’Efir-1’ declared that they would stop their hunger strike, which had lasted for 53 days, on 5 January. The collective of the company believes that their hunger strike achieved its purpose.

UNIAN informs that on 4 January the journalists involved stated that ’even such extremal from of protest as a hunger strike did not make the power put the law above egotistical interests of various individuals and groups, as it must be in a law-abiding country’.

The collective of the TV-company will continue to protect their professional positions. However, they believe that the hunger strike was successful: the TV-company was supported by the inhabitants of Lugansk, public, political organizations, Ukrainian and foreign journalists, MPs, international human rights protecting organizations ’Reporters without frontiers’ and ’IREX Pro Media’.

We remind that on 1 November another TV-company started to broadcast on the frequency of ’Efir-1’, and on 14 November the attempt was made of capturing the building of ’Efir-1’ by force. On the same day a number of employees of ’Efir-1’ started the hunger strike on their work places, protesting ’against the violation of the rights for just court consideration and against the passivity of law-enforcing organs’. To protect their rights the journalists turned to ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva.

’Efir-1’ contests in court the legality of the decision of the Lugansk town council on the liquidation of the TV-company since 16 July. According to the decision, after ’Efir-1’ another company with the same name shall broadcast on the same frequency.

The journalists demand from the town council to return them their seal, stamp and documents before the court issues its decision about the legality of the liquidation of the company. Without these attributes the juridical enterprise cannot conduct normal activities.

Among journalists participating in the hunger strike were: manager of the TV-company Tatyana Kozhenovskaya, editor of the main TV office Olga Kuznetsova, head of the advertisement department Elena Popova and car driver Viktor Ganziy.

As informed, on 8 December 2001 Olga Kuznetsova got to an intense care ward with the diagnosis dystrophy.


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