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A private TV company closed in Simferopol.


As Anatoliy Sivachenko, a representative of the National Council in the Crimea, informed that the closure of the TV channel ’ITB’ is caused, first of all, by the program ’Grani’ of 9 September, in which the topic of the 10th anniversary of the Ukrainian independence was discussed.

The National Council regarded as ’anti-state propaganda’ and ’subversion of public morals’ several remarks within the program, in particular, the speech of Volodymir Klichnikov, the head of the executive committee of the party ’Soyuz’, and the plot with the blitz-poll of Simferopol inhabitants. Besides, according to Sivachenko, the company violated a number of license conditions, for one, it broadcasts only 25% of national tele-product instead of 50%, and the programs in Ukrainian make only 5% instead of 30%.

As it became known, the decision about the suspension of the license of the TV company was taken by the National Council as early as on 15 November, but the administration of the company was informed about this only on 25 December. So one may suspect that ’ITB’ was plainly ousted from the air just before the election campaign.

In fact, the TV channel belongs to Lev Mirimskiy, a solid Crimean businessman and people’s deputy, who is a member of the deputies’ group ’Trudova Ukraina’. Answering journalists’ question if the decision of the National Council is connected with the election campaign of Mirimskiy, head of ’ITB’ Pavel Sukhoruchenkov said: ’All is possible’. At the same time he declared that the company ’would fight, defend its rights and would persecute the National Council in court’, since the journalists of company think that the accusations of ’the anti-state propaganda’ are absurd.

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