13.12.2002 | Galina Sinarevska, ’Politichna Ukraina’, the Lugansk oblast

Militia learned about the attack at a journalist from mass media


After the newspaper ’Fakty’ and the radio ’Liberty’ made public the information about the attack at Lidia Milchevska, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper ’Za sotsialny zakhyst’, the representatives of the Lugansk militia visited her and proposed to start a criminal investigation. The newspaper ’Za sotsialny zakhyst’ is a public and political all-Ukrainian weekly of the People’s party of bank depositors and social protection, which was founded in 1997.

The victim herself had not information militia about the accident. Ms. Milchevska was almost throttled to death in the doorway of her house, when she was returning from her office.

As Lidia Milchevska told, two young strangers waited for her in the doorway. One of them started to throttle her at once, while another was standing on guard. The attackers demanded nothing and were completely silent. All this could finish fatally, but some of neighbors opened the door on hearing the woman’s cries. The criminals had to flee. They did not take either the handbag or purse. Lidia does not negate that the attack could be connected with her professional activities. In the last issue of the newspaper that was printed on the previous day, contained the article ’The freedom of speech under muzzles of tommy-guns’. The article described the preliminary consideration of the case of the bank ’Slovyanskiy’ in the Artemivskiy district court of Lugansk.

L. Milchevska did not turn to militia on principle, since she had already dealt with militia before, when in 1998 she was attacked for the first time. Then she was beaten on the head. After this she spent almost two months in a hospital with a cerebral brain concussion. Militia could not help her, so the victim just fidgeted in vain. The case was started and closed after some time. As Ms. Milchevska told to a correspondent of ’Politichna Ukraina’, this time she asked the militiamen to install some illumination in the neighborhood and to patrol it now and then.

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