Yulia Timoshenko blames the power for destroying ’Vecherni Visti’


The party ’Batkivshchina’, headed by Yulia Timoshenko, declared that it assesses the refusal of the publishing house ’Pressa Ukraina’ to prolong the contract on printing newspapers ’Vecherni Visti’ and ’Slovo Batkivshchiny’ as ’the fulfillment of the political order of the criminal-oligarchic regime to destroy the opposition edition’.

The text of the declaration was passed today to ForUm. In its declaration ’Batkivshchina’ appeals political parties to protest against the suppression of the freedom of speech and turns to international organizations with the request to consider the situation with the freedom of speech in Ukraine and to assess the anti-democratic activities of the power.

The party ’Batkivshchina’ energetically protests against the attack at the freedom of speech started by the criminal-oligarchic regime before the parliamentary election. The goal of this attack, they assert, is to deprive the opposition of the opportunity to communicate with the mass media and people, and to conceal the truth about falsifying the results of voting’.


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