Bukovina journalists vs. the oblast information directorate


The editors-in-chief of four leading Bukovina newspapers ’Chas’, ’Molodiy Bukovinets’, ’Doba’ and ’Chernovtsy’ are going to hand a claim against the oblast directorate in charge of the press and information of the Chernovtsy oblast administration and against its head Ivan Vergun for libel and offence of business reputation of the mentioned editions.

Recently the editors of the leading Bukovina mass media, the total run of which is up to 100 thousand copies, turned to the Ukrainian President, the General Prosecutor’s office, the State Committee of information and the committee of the Supreme Rada in charge of the freedom of speech and information. The editors made public some documents, which testify of the direct meddling of the oblast executive power to the subscription campaign in Bukovina.

In response to this appeal I. Vergun publicly blamed (on the pages of the newspaper ’Bukovina’) the editions ’Chas’, ’Molodiy Bukovinets’, ’Doba’ and ’Chernovtsy’ for libel, misinformation of the population, prdered materials and destabilizing the public and political situation in the oblast.

As UNIAN informed, referring to Petr Kobelko, the editor-in-chief of ’Chas’, the heads of the involved newspapers sent to Vergun the demand to give the needed explanations and to publish the refutation of the information distributed by his directorate. According to Kobelko, after the 10-day expectation of the response the editors intend to turn to court against the directorate and to demand money compensation for the moral damage.

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