13.12.2002 | Aleksandr Bagin, Donetsk

Election in Donetsk


The election was falsified throughout all the Donetsk oblast. Such election and its results may not be acknowledged. 15-20% of the bulletins in the towns of the oblast were brought from the side. If to analyze the statistics of the voting, the bloc „For united Ukraine“ obtained 20% more in the Donetsk oblast than in the neighboring oblasts (such as the Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Lugansk oblasts). Nevertheless, the inhabitants of these oblasts have similar convictions…

Such falsifications must be punished, but neither the oblast prosecutor’s office nor the courts agree to accept any claims about the repeated voting. The press is silent.

One may get the expression that everybody is content with the results and that all is well in our region.

Commentary:Unfortunately, the brutality of the violations in the Donetsk oblast has not made yet the leading political forces of Ukraine to assess the results of the election in the oblast separately.

Meanwhile, the ecological club „Bakhmat“ headed by Vladimir Berezin is surviving hard times, since V. Berezin criticized the election campaign in the electronic bulletin „Dikoye pole“. Yesterday he phoned me and told that their office is still coercively closed. The club needs a wide wide-scale fax campaign in support on the side of public organizations. The faxes must be directed to the Artemovsk town council.

Serghiy M. Fedorynchyk,
Director of Zeleny Svit Informational Centre

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