13.12.2002 | Oleksandr Stepanenko, Chortkiv

Prisoners vote for „Za edynu Ukrainu“


It appeared that in the Ternopil oblast the greatest number of the supporters of the political bloc „Za edynu Ukrainu“ („For united Ukraine“) stay… in penitentiaries. In particular, in the Zbarazska correctional colony 1175 convicts out of 1285 voted for this bloc. It is interesting that in the neighboring village Dobrovody only 17 out of 1089 voters supported the bloc „For united Ukraine“. In the Kopychintsi correctional colony the results were the following: 711 voted for „For united Ukraine“, 171 – for Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc, 60 – for „Our Ukraine“. Only one supporter of „For united Ukraine“ was found among 450 voters in the neighboring settlement Kopychintsi. 212 out of 335 convicts staying in the Chortkiv preliminary prison voted for the bloc „For united Ukraine“. Their neighbors on the other side of the bars voted differently: only 4 out of 1322. It is interesting that the election station in the Chortkiv preliminary prison was the only one, where no violations of the election procedure were fixed, so the repeated voting on 7 April was not held there. Being asked to comment this outstanding event, Mr. Pirogovskiy, the head of the district voters’ commission, said verbatim: „The pressure on the voters is principally impossible at the election station in the preliminary prison“.

Long live our prisons, lady and gentlemen! They have become the vanguard on the way of the democratic progress. Must the experience of conducting election in penitentiaries be extended throughout Ukraine?

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