13.12.2002 | Oleksiy Svetikov, Lugansk oblast branch of the organization „Voters’ committee of Ukraine“.

A search to find nothing.


I believe that the actions of militia, which tries to find the equipment stolen from the office of the Lugansk branch of the voters’ committee may be only characterized by the heading. It appeared that the militia even did not take yet the fingerprints from the place of the crime. These fingerprints, which can bee seen even by the naked eye, were left by the burglars on the tool with which they broke the window. They lost the tool, I personally saw very clear fingerprints on it and told the militiamen about this. This gives a happy chance to find the criminals soon or, at last, to obtain strong evidence against them. Yet, on 28 May the work over the fingerprints was not started yet. The head of the town militia directorate told me yesterday that they would think if they need the fingerprints for „the work“. Well, maybe it is true applied to the „work“, which is done now by militia. Their work now is the repeated rewriting the same documents and endless talks with the committee members on the same topics. The only goal of this work is to find an „internal“ enemy. It is obvious that such work cannot have any result, but it can paralyze the activities of our organization. Maybe, this is the real goal of militiamen?

„PL“ commentary:In our opinion, there we have the illegal meddling of the USS into the activities of a public organization. It is difficult to understand, which namely duties of the USS listed in Article 24 of the Law on the USS mentioned by S. Grachev, the head of the town directorate, caused such extraordinary actions.

The response of the USS and the burglary in the voters’ committee office clashed in time for some reason. In the appeal of the committee published above these facts are directly linked together. Almost all the NGO activists, who commented this accident, believe that the burglary was inspired by the USS. As one can see, the investigation is conducted very slowly. So, in our opinion, the USS officers must do their best to find the criminals and thus take away the suspicions from their agency.

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