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The number of capital sentences doubled.


The number of capital sentences doubled in 2001 in comparison with previous years. This statistics is quoted in the recently published report of the human rights protection organization „Amnesty International“. According to the data of this organization, last year 3048 people were executed throughout the world, but the real number may be even larger. The death penalty exists in 31 countries, 90% of such sentences are pronounced in China, the Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Only in China last year 2468 people were executed in the framework of the national program of fighting crime.

At the same time, the report reads, the most disturbing fact is that the capital sentence is used more and more frequently for punishing crimes not connected with violence, such, for example, as homosexuality in the Saudi Arabia, transporting narcotic drugs in South-East Africa, adultery in Nigeria and Sudan, corruption in China.
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