13.12.2002 | Igor Stoliarov, Odessa

Repressions against Odessa youth


Andrey Yusov, a member of the union "Ukrainian Brotherhood" and the head of the city resistance committee "For truth", became one of the victims of the present political system.

Young activist A. Yusov participated in organizing many actions in support of Ukrainian national interests in Odessa. Pickets in front of the mayor’s and prosecutor’s offices, actions for renaming a side street after Roman Shukhevich, meetings for holding democratic reelection and meetings in support of the national church – all these happenings occurred not without Andrey Yusov.

The Odessa militia knew about this. As a result, a criminal case was started after the accusation in "group clashes", the young activist was permanently persecuted and threatened.

Andrey Yusov tells:

"Everyone, who attentively followed the events, remembers that the public resistance committee "For truth" took an active part in the political struggle, uncovering misdemeanor of the authorities and making public their illegality.

The power decided to apply the methods it had already tested on the UNA-UNSO activists. The criminal case was started at once after the picket at the Zhovtnevy district court of Odessa; the picketing took place on 1 March 2002.

It was only the pretext of bringing me to interrogations, thus hindering me to prepare to other actions, keeping my family in the permanent fear, threatening with searches, conducting confrontations and organizing visits of militiamen to my university…"

According to A. Yusov, the consideration of the criminal case was activated after his participation in the picket near the building of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine under the slogans on the reelection in Odessa".

Unfortunately, the interrogations of activists of the "Ukrainian Brotherhood" and the organization "Shield of the Motherland" became a routing for local law-enforcers. I remind the reader that the similar pressure is inflicted on Oles Yuanchuk, the head of the Odessa city organization "Shield of the Motherland".

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