13.12.2002 | Oleksiy Svetikov, Severodonetsk

What crimes the tax militia expects from public organizations?


The department of pre-investigation checks of the Lugansk oblast tax militia will begin tomorrow the check of the Lugansk organization of the Ukrainian Voter’s Committee (UVC). It is not clear yet, what tax offenses they expect to find in the public organization, which is not a taxpayer.

Yet, there are some grounds to suppose that this time the controllers will not follow either logic or law. The matter is that this check began long ago, a month before the deputy head of the Lugansk oblast tax inspection issued order for the check No. 481/1 of 6 June.

As early as in April the Severodonetsk town tax militia checked the financial activities of several private businessmen, who fulfilled some works for the Lugansk organization of the UVC during the election campaign. The businessmen were asked to help militia without telling them what exactly was the matter. At the same time the Lugansk organization was demanded to present the documents for other checks.

We handed the request asking to explain, which violation of tax laws the militiamen expected to find, and got the answer from G. Orlovska, an inspector of the oblast tax militia. She wrote that they wanted to check, whether the activities of our organization correspond to the status of a non-profit organization. And the head of the department of pre-investigation checks assured us that such check was a usual affair, through which practically all organizations passed.

It is not trustworthy, since such checks are really conducted, but they are conducted by the departments of documented checks of the tax inspection, and militia is usually called in cases of finding tax crimes and for the ODA.

The fact that a check of this kind is not usual for Lugansk tax officers, was confirmed by the first questions of the inspector, who demanded to explain, who ordered the activities of the organization.

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