Three-day wages for a life.


Ukrainian ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva is indignant with the attitude of the Lviv oblast prosecutor’s office concerning recompensing the damage to the parents of Yuri Mozola tortured to death in the preliminary prison of the Lviv oblast USS. On 28 May the Frankivski district court of Lviv satisfied N. Karpacheva’s claim and ruled to collect the compensation equal to 130 thousand UAH, in particular, from the oblast USS -- 50 thousand UAH to each of the parents and from the oblast prosecutor’s office -- 13 thousand UAH to each.

N. Karpacheva informed that she was revolted by the attitude of the prosecutor’s office, whose representative, Yuri Makogon, stated during the trial that they were ready to recompense the moral and material damage equal to Yu. Mozola’s wages for those three days when he was kept in the preliminary prison. It was a liberal proposition, since the prosecutor’s office might subtract from the compensation the wear of torture tools. So, he said, the prosecutor’s office would protest against the decision to the appeal court. N. Karpacheva expressed her pity about such decision of the prosecutor’s office. At the same time N. Karpacheva pointed out the humane attitude of the USS to the victim’s parents: at the end of the trial a representative of the regional USS told that the USS would obey the court ruling. The USS representative informed that the officers guilty of Yuri Mozola’s death were condemned to various terms of incarceration. The ombudsperson believes that this approach testifies about the democratic changes in the USS activities.

The claim against the prosecutor’s office and the USS was handed by ombudsperson Karpacheva on 4 February 2001. In her claim N. Karpacheva asked to recompense the moral and material damage inflicted by the loss of breadwinner in 1996.

On 27 March 1996 the 26-year-old Yuri Mozola was detained on the suspicion in several murders committed in the Lviv oblast. He was placed to the preliminary prison of the Lviv oblast USS directorate, where he died of torture three days later. Week later law-enforcers detained the serial murderer Anatoliy Onoprienko. N. Karpacheva has pointed out in her claim that Yu. Mozola’s parents appeared in a difficult financial state caused by the loss of breadwinner, they have great debts for communal services, Mozola’s mother is an invalid of the 3rd group and Mozola’s father is inspected by a medical commission for getting the 3rd group of invalidity.
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