13.12.2002 | Yuri Narbut

Journalism is a dangerous profession


78% of Ukrainian citizens are sure that the journalist profession is dangerous in our country. This is confirmed by the poll, which was conducted by the Ukrainian center of economic and political research named after Razumkov. Since the poll was conducted on 6 June, the Day of journalists in Ukraine, the poll was devoted to the problems of mass media.

The respondents believe that the most probable results of publishing critical materials are: physical violence against the journalist (68%), psychological pressure upon the journalist and the editor (57%) or economic sanctions against the mass medium (47%). Only 4% of the pollees do not regard publication of critical materials as dangerous. Almost 90% confidently answered "Yes" to a rather common sociological question "Does the Ukrainian society need the freedom of speech?" At the same time almost 70% of the respondents acknowledge that the political censorship exists in Ukraine now.

More than 50% of respondents in all regions of Ukrainian answered "No" to the questions: "Can Ukrainian mass media publish critical materials about the President (Supreme Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, local authorities, criminal clans) without negative consequences for themselves?"

The sociological center also made public the assessment of the leading political figures of Ukraine by common citizens. The first place is occupied by Viktor Yushchenko, the leader of the political party "Our Ukraine" (25% in March and 27% in May). He is followed by: communist leader Petro Simonenko (16% and 15% in March and May, respectively), Yulia Timoshenko (11% and 14%), Prime-Minister Anatoliy Kinakh (11% and 12%), social-democrat Viktor Medvedchuk (10% and 11%), socialist Aleksandr Moroz (8% and 9%) and new Parliament speaker Volodymir Litvin (3.5% and 5%).

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