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A seminal of ecological NGO was held in Kharkov


On 26-27 June 2002 a seminal of Ukrainian ecological NGOs was held in Kharkov. The topic of the seminar was "The use of informational and communicative technologies for the cooperation of ecological NGOs while preparing to the conference "Kyiv-2003"".

On 27 June the seminal was opened with the TV-talk with the UNO representation in Kyiv. The ecologists from all regions of Ukraine, who gathered in the hall of Kharkov polytechnic university, had a chance to talk with Mr. Gardner, the head of the UNO mission, and with his colleagues. The talk was conducted using the Internet and video-tools, which is substantially cheaper and more convenient than usual TV-bridges. Through this TV-bridge the ecologists and the UNO representative discussed "The UNO Declaration of the millenium" in its ecological and cultural aspects; they also considered the questions concerning human rights protection.

Such a TV-bridge using the Internet was held in Ukraine for the first time.

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