13.12.2002 | Oleksiy Svetikov, Severodonetsk

Round table of town problems


On 29 May the "round table of town problems" for town political and public organizations was held in Severodonetsk in the office of the Lugansk oblast branch of the Ukrainian Voter’s committee. Representatives of town organizations of the Communist party, Socialist party, Slavonic party, Social-Democratic party (united), People’s Democratic party, Democratic union, and of some public organizations ("Zeleny svit", "Vidrodjennia", "Rada bagatoditnykh materiv", "Souyz robitnykiv", town council of trade unions and Ukrainian Voter’s committee) took part in the round table. The goal of the round table was to organize the common civil lobbying for solving acute town problems, which are not controlled by the town authorities. Several problems of this kind were singled out at the meeting: on reduction of green plantations in the town ("Zeleny svit"), on additional ways to aid to families with many children ("Rada bagatoditnykh materiv"), on providing textbooks to the Ukrainian-language town schools (Socialist party). It was decided that the initiators of these questions would prepare projects and propositions for the town council, which propositions would be discussed at the next meeting of the round table. The round table of town problems will be conducted in the first Wednesday each month, and more often, if needed. By its essence the round table is the successor of the council of public organizations, which existed in the town in 1994.

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