13.12.2002 | Galina Sinarevska

Lugansk journalists ask the Supreme Rada to save them from the unfair claims


Lugansk journalists turned to MPs with the proposition to introduce changes into the laws regulating the informational activities. The cause for this appeal was the closure of the newspaper „Rakurs-plus“.

After the newspaper published the material describing how Volodymir Medianik, a deputy of the local council, refused to render aid to the teachers of town school No. 5, the deputy felt himself insulted and turned to the court with the claim about protecting his honor, dignity, business reputation and demanded the compensation of the moral damage equal to 100 thousand UAH.

As Mykola Severin, the editor of the newspaper „Rakurs-plus“ informed, the Leninskiy district court of Lugansk arrested the property of the editorial board and ten future issues of the newspaper even before the beginning of the consideration of the case.

The next morning the court officers came to the newspaper office to arrest the property. They did not manage to do this only owing to the newspaper staff, although the officers blamed them for impeding the fulfillment of a court resolution.

Severin added that he did not agree with the court resolution and would protest against it. In spite of this, the publishing of the newspaper will be actually blocked until the end of the year.

3 October 2002

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