A new British initiative in the sphere of mass media.


The project „Media reforms“ approved by the British government is aimed to change the attitude to the freedom of speech and the independent mass media in the Ukrainian society. The main attention is paid to those professional groups, whose activities are directly connected with the information sphere: journalists, MPs, businessmen, state officers, judges, advocates, leaders of public organizations, etc. For the cooperation with these professional groups the Center of media reforms will be created at the National university „Kyivo-Mogilianska Academy“.

The organizers of the project „Media reforms“ believe that, in spite of the positive changes that occurred in Ukraine during the last ten years, the further movement of our country towards the creation of law-abiding state and the development of civil society is impossible without the freedom of speech, independent mass media and professional independence of journalists. In the opinion of Sergey Kvita, the manager of the center of media reforms, the concept of the freedom of speech lies in the sphere of the national interests of Ukraine and is very important both for forming the international image of Ukraine and for the prospects of the further development of the democratic processes in our state.

The participants of the project „Media reforms“ from the Ukrainian side is the National university „Kyivo-Mogilianska Academy“ (the School of journalism), on whose base the center of media reforms is created, the independent association of announcers, the magazine „Teleradiokuryer“ and „Internews-Ukraine“ (the Internet edition „Telekritika). The British side is presented by the firm TADS, Leeds University and the number of independent British media experts. The project will be realized by the permanently acting press club of media reforms, as well as through the publishing, organizational, educational and research activities and lobbying.

The British Ministry in charge of the international development realizes this project in the framework of the British support of the Ukrainian democratic reforms. The more detailed information can be obtained in the National University „Kyivo-Mogilianska Academy“.

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