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The declaration on the cooperation of non-governmental human rights protecting organizations.


On 27 November the meeting of the representatives of non-governmental human rights protecting organisations was held in Kyiv. The meeting was organised by the Kharkiv Group for human rights protection with the support of the international "Renaissance" Foundation. During a day 85 representatives of 79 organisations discussed the directions and the ways of the cooperation of the non-governmental organisations and parliamentary structures, the cooperation intended for the implementation and protection of human rights. The following point of view was dominating: it is senseless to create the juridical person, such as an association of NGOs, for coordinating the activities, it will be more advisable to create a union like the Civil council of non-governmental organisations (not all participants liked this name, but nobody proposed any other), the union in a form of a "mild" horizontal coalition, which will act through the working groups created for concrete projects and solving concrete problems. The cooperation with the organs of state power is both needed and desirable, but it is necessary to preserve the independence and to reach the equality in these relations.

The working group consisting of the representatives of 8 organisations was created. The group was empowered to prepare the declaration on the cooperation and the resolution on the Civil council, to conduct the poll of those, who wanted to take part in the cooperation, to outline the plan and strategy of the joint actions and to compile the list of the problems, for the solution of which the working groups should be created. All documents, which are prepared now by the working group, will be published in "Prava ludyny" and placed on the site for the discussion. Here we present the draft of the declaration, which is already approved by the majority of the working group members.

The declaration on the cooperation of non-governmental human rights protecting organisations

We, representatives of non-governmental human rights protecting organisations,

for the consolidation of human rights in Ukraine,

the necessity of developing the mechanisms of human rights protection,

the necessity of education in the spirit of human rights,

the necessity of bringing the Ukrainian laws, court and administrative practices to conformity with the demands of the European Convention of human rights and fundamental freedoms (1950) taking into account the practices of the European Court of human rights,

taking into consideration
the necessity to introduce changes into laws, the changes that will harmonize the laws with the norms of the European Community,

the urgency of the processes of self-organisation and self-regulation of human rights protecting non-governmental organisations aimed for stimulating the network programs and organising the joint actions and campaigns,

declare the intentions:

to create the Council ofhuman rights protecting non-governmental organisations;

to work out the strategy and plan of the cooperation of human rights protecting non-governmental organisations;

to concentrate the joint efforts on

the analysis of the laws and law-applying practices concerning human rights, the analysis of the state policy in the sphere of human rights,

the monitoring of the law drafts related to human rights,

the preparation of the expert conclusions on the appropriateness and improvement of these drafts.

the assistance to the education in the sphere of human rights.

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