The on-line access to the most complete database of public and charity organizations.


The center of innovations and development, which administrates the most complete database of public and charity organisations, provides now the access to the database in the on-line mode. Without any passwords or registration you can find the information we possess about every of almost 40 thousand public and charity organisations registered in Ukraine. You simply visit the site, section "Who is who". This database gives the opportunity to search the organisations by various criteria: name, register code, address (the oblast, town and even street (!)), surname of the organisation head, phone number, key words describing the activities of the organisation. YOU ALSO CAN INSERT THE ADDITIONS TO THE DESCRIPTION OF YOUR ORGANIZATION. Here you can obtain the information about any organisation contained in the COMMON STATE REGISTER OF CITIZENS’ UNIONS AND CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS that came into effect on 10 March 1999 and is maintained by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. This register is a computer database created by means of a computer system. This database contains the aggregate of the electronic copies of state registers of citizens’ unions and charity organisations, lists of branches and representations of all-Ukrainian and international charity organisations united on the base of common rules, standards and information exchange procedures. The registering organs and Informational center add to the Common Register the data on registration of all-Ukrainian, international and local public organisations, political parties and their local branches; all-Ukrainian, international and local charity organisations and their local branches having the status of juridical persons (organisations, in what follows). In the part "ANNUAL REPORTS OF CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS OF UKRAINE" one can familiarize with the annual reports on the activities of the charity organisations. According to the provisions of Article 5 item 3 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the income tax collected from Ukrainian citizens" and the demands of the Ukrainian Law "On introducing changes into the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the income tax collected from Ukrainian citizens" in the part of the taxation of the charity aid", the Ukrainian charity organisations must publish the complete reports on their sources of obtaining funds and directions of expenses not less than one time a year. So, the annual reports are, in a manner, the visiting cards of the organisations, which guarantee the transparency of their activities. All these databases are accessible from the Internet-portal "Encyclopedia of charity" ( – the special site devoted to the questions of charity in Ukraine. The idea, conception and design of this site belong to the center of innovations and development, a Kyiv public organisation. We want to create a real assistant, which will render aid to those, who work in charity organisations, as well as to those, who wants to cooperate with Ukrainian charity organisations, first of all – to the corporative donors. The site is intended for providing the access to the information resources, which are extremely necessary in the everyday work of charity organisations and sponsors, the donors of charity aid. We regularly supplement and refresh the information on the specifics of the activities of the charity organisations in Ukraine (explanations on taxes, consultations of bookkeepers, auditors and lawyers on rendering and using the charity aid, corresponding legal acts, comments of separate provisions of these acts, etc.). The potential donors can scrutinize the annual reports of the organisations, since this site gives the donors the unique opportunity to study the activities of the organisations and to choose which organisations they want to help.

We will be grateful for the propositions and wishes concerning the contents of the site. You can write your propositions in the section "Guest book" or to send by the address [email protected] We want to create the resource that will be really useful for you, dear visitors of our site!

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