14.12.2003 | Oleksandr Stepanenko, Chortkiv

On the discussion about the probable military operation against Iraq


Recently the chain campaign was conducted by the e-mail for collecting signatures against the war with Iraq. It is interesting that some of our respected colleagues, the activists of civil movement, refused to support this campaign. They motivate their unwillingness by the danger to become victims of the avalanche of computer viruses and the so-called spam. Such chain campaigns, they allege, are provoked by hackers for obtaining the great quantity of operating electronic addresses to use them for their future pastimes… I will not argue, maybe this is so. Yet, fortunately, neither my life nor life of my children are endangered by the spam or the Internet viruses. In contrast to the „humanitarian bombs“ and „intellectual cruise missiles“, which are just about to begin to fall on the heads of the people, whose only guilt is that they were born in a country with the odious political regime (by the way, there are several dozens of such countries throughout the world) and in the region alluring for other countries because of the Great Petroleum. So, independently of the fact whether it will result in the virus attack or no, I want to help these people at least by something! I am very disappointed with the „prudence“ of my colleagues, and most of all by the cynicism of V. Bukovskiy. I mean his remarks in the current issue of „PL“… I agree with almost all ideas expressed by E. Zakharov and I. Sukhorukova. However, there remains no time for reforming the UNO. I believe that everybody, who has any concern with the human rights protection movement, must utter their opinions as soon as possible. It should be well to discuss (VERY URGENTLY!!!) this problem in the electronic format, but the time is extremely limited.

I think that it would be reasonable to concentrate the attention on 2-3 basic concrete theses. For example:

The war endangers human rights in the region and in the whole world; it will become the development of the shameful futile Afghan military adventure of 2001.

Nobody has the right to risk the lives of peaceful population.

Military force may not be a universal method for solving international conflicts; there are other, more efficient, ways.

International agreements and the UNO authorities must respect all countries, and above all – the democratic ones.

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