14.12.2003 | Andrey Lubenskiy, Cherkassy

Editor of the newspaper „“ was recognized as guilty of the crime of medium gravity


On 5 February judge of the Sosnovskiy district court of Cherkassy Alla Chechot proclaimed the verdict on the case of Oleg Liashko, the editor of the newspaper „“

Oleg Liashko was accused of the resistance to the militiamen committed in the spring of last year during the search in the Cherkassy printing shop „“, when the prosecutor’s office of the Cherkassy oblast seized the entire run (100,000 copies) of the newly printed newspaper.

The court recognized Liashko as guilty of crime of „ gravity“ – resistance to law-enforcers – and obliged him to pay a fine of 255 UAH. Yet, taking into account the fact that Oleg Liashko has positive characteristics, has permanent place of residence and work, conducts public activities and „ the social danger“, the court decided to free him from the responsibility.

According to the information of mass media, on the eve of the mentioned incident in „“, the run of „“ devoted to the parliamentary election and containing the compromising materials about General Prosecutor Mikhail Potebenko was sunk in the river by the unknown criminals, who attacked the truck belonging to the printing shop. The next day Liashko went to Cherkassy to control the repeated printing of the run. The criminals were not found, and O. Lishko, who tried to prevent the illegal seizure of the run, was brought at first to the preliminary prison, where he spent nine days, and then to the court.

During the trial the witnesses for the prosecution were interrogated – officers of the prosecutor’s office and militia, who alleged that Lishko inflicted to them the moral, material and physical damage. Workers of the printing shop and journalists were interrogated as witnesses for the defense. They asserted that Liashko did not commit any unlawful actions.

The judges viewed the militia video record from the place of the incident twice. The record also did not confirm the evidence of the militiamen, who allegedly suffered from Liashko. Yet, judge Chechot reckoned the record as confirming the theses of the prosecution.

The verdict also reads that Oleg Liashko’s guilt is corroborated by the numerous reports of state officials and by prosecutor’s resolution, and the evidences of the witnesses for the defense „ biased“

After the trial Oleg Liashko expressed his categorical disagreement with the „“, in his opinion“ verdict. „ was acknowledged guilty of committing the crime, which I did not commit“, he declared.

Bogdan Fernts, the advocate of O. Lishko stated that the verdict was „ illegal“, „ logical contradictions“ and would be appealed in the Appeal court in the nearest future.

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