Public ecological organizations "Zeleny Svit" and "Likarska eko-initsiativa" (Chortkiv, the Ternopil oblast) denounce the American-British aggression against Iraq.


We are sorry that the non-military methods of settling the „Iraq question“ were not used completely, that the military action was started without the resolution of the UNO Security Council and that the armed intervention was chosen again as a main tool for solving the political problems.

We assess this step of the administrations of the USA and Great Britain as the violation of the fundamental principles of international right and the right of many thousands of people for life and safety. We are also very sorry that the many-years efforts of the international community to establish the humane world order, in which efforts the American and British people also took part, are now endangered. We reckon that it would not be difficult to win this war, but this victory would not mean the victory over such phenomena as international terrorism, arms race and conflicts connected with the redistribution of natural resources. The war by itself threatens to the region of the Persian Gulf and to the entire world with the humanitarian catastrophe, ecological disasters, energy crisis, growth of mutual distrust and enmity among different countries and cultures.

It seems to us that the policy of the Ukrainian top authorities headed by the President concerning the Iraq crisis is shortsighted and inconsequent. During the last year we observed the pass of the Ukrainian power from the footsies with Hussein’s regime to the servile support of the American-British intervention.

We unambiguously endorse the anti-military actions that are hold in the majority of the countries. The morbid ambitions of the politicians, military men and oil kings must not cause sufferings and deaths of people.

Approved on 20 March 2003 by the Collegiums of „Zeleny Svit“ and „Likarska eko-initsiativa“.

Sent by Oleksandr Stepanenko

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