14.12.2003 | Mykola Korobko, Krivoy Rog

What are you going to do, citizen?


As it became known from the sources of party organizations of the town, these days the town militia began the „elucidative work“ with the members of oppositional parties. So, the militia officers of the Zhovtnevy district precinct visited the homes of the members of party „Batkivshchina“ and had talks with them.

First of all the militiamen asked whether the party members were going to go to Kyiv (meaning the protest actions), and then they recommended not to take part in the disturbance of the public order. If to consider these visits from the viewpoint of the social ethics, it seems that the authorities exceeded their commissions treating each politically active person as a disturber of the public order.

At the same time, this situation evidences that law-enforcing organs are collecting the information about the citizens, who are not accused of anything and are not suspected of committing any crimes. So, the right for privacy and other human rights are brutally and openly violated.

Alas, now, on the stage of the „rapid development“ of civil society, there are no methods to struggle with such actions of the authorities.

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